211 Web Projects Fall 2016

Note, All the projects/updates I have received to date are linked, check them.

Brandon Abbott: Physics of drifting

Juan Acevedo: Physics Of Soccer

Christopher Bailey: The Physics of Computing

Riley Bickford: Trebuchet

William Brighton: The Aurora

Christopher Bajsarowicz-Borg: Physics of String Instruments

Andrew Bray: The Physics of the Sound Barrier

Nick Brazier: Drifting Physics

Rachel Bruesch: Nikola Tesla

Brett Carlson: Physics of Tennis

Noah Caron: Trampoline Physics

Makenzie Carroll: The Physics of Snowboarding

Stacia Cascio: The Father of Thermodynamics

Liam Cassell: The Bike Jump

Frank Cline: Theory of Relativity

James Colburn: The Physics of Dat Boi Meme Physics

Jake Conner: Archimedes Claw

Jadyn Cook: Basic Orbital Maneuvers

Mark Credito: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Carl Crockett: Physics of Racquet ball

Rachel Crosley: Physics of Competitive Swimming

Anthony DiLuccia Jr: The Physics of Basketball

Max Donaldson: Quantum Entanglement

Nikolay Donets: The Physics of Powerlifting

Wylie Donich: The Physics of Ping Pong

Jesse Drick: Physics of Rock Climbing

Nick Druyvestein: The Physics of Boost

Max Erickson: Physic of Aikido

Sam Erie: The Physics of Snowboarding

Ian Ferguson: Escaping From Earth's Gravity

Darren Fish: Physics of Skiing

Curtis Fortenberry: Curtis Fortenberry Physics of Network Cabling

Audrey Freeman: Physics in the Piano

Jonathan Gates: Physics of a Film Camera

Patricia Gerdes: The Final Straw

Connor Gilman: How Do Earbuds Work?

Samual Green: Physics_Of_Gaming

Stephen Gregory: Physics of a Yo-Yo

Mikayla Grunin: Johannes Kepler: Great Achievements

Kimber Harnar: Physics of Roller Coasters

Michael Helkenn: A Physicist's Guide to Backcountry Skiing

Heidi Holcomb: Marie Curie

Benson Hoover: Physics behind flight

Dimitar Ivanovski: Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion

Trevor Jepsen: The First Second of the Universe

Kiersten Johnson: Physics of Skate Skiing

Myles Johnson: The Human Helicopter

Tyler Jones: Thermal Energy

Sabina Kryshak-Karwowski: Physics of Pokemon

Emily Kirkpatrick: A Biography of Stephen William Hawking

Joshua Klina: The Coriolis Effect

Ryan Kramer: Brightest Thing in the Night Sky

Best Kulavitaya: The Physics of Acoustic Guitars

Collin Lasley: Physics Of Aerobatics

Miles Leguineche: The Physics of Nature and Wildlife Photography

Marianna Ligon: Erwin Schodinger

James Little: Physics of Wrestling

Justin Lopez: The Physics Behind Weight Lifting

Raymundo Lopez: Methane Hydrates

Wesley Manner: The Physics Of Helmets

Colwyn Martin: The Physics of Fall

Akashia Martinez: The Physics of Flighted Birds

Evan McArthur: Coyote's Cartoon Physics

Joshua McCandless: The Evolution of Revolution

Kelly McCartney: The Physics of Bowling

Cory McDonald: The Physics of Skiing

Zach Meredith: The Calorie

Monroe Morris: Sous Vide Cooking

Bradley Morton: The Alcubierre Drive

Trevor Morton: Vinyl and Audio Recording

Tad Nelson: The Physics of Bicycles

Omar Niagne: Coyote's Cartoon Physics

William Obermiller: Space Exploration

Conor O'Kelley-Ault: Physics and sports

Savanah Owen: Physics of the Zombie Apocalypse

Andrew Parker: Quantum Computers

Mackenzie Parrott: The Physics of Cross Country Skiing

Jacob Peeples: A Forces Exploration of Archery

Vernon Perry: Physics of Friction Fire

MaryKate Petty: The Physics Of Painting

Patrick Rainwater: Physics of Batman

Brianna Roberts: Energy of Food

Alayna Rupert: The Wonderful Word of Mathematics

Shane Rutledge: The Physics of Lasers

Christopher Seamount: Physics of the Frisbee

John Schnering: Physics of Competitive Shooting

Taylor Seitz: The Physics of Ballet

Brian Snell: Statics: The Physics of Trusses

Sterling Stasak: Physics of Magnets

Ryan Stonebraker: The Physics of Ninjas

Madison Shotenski: Can We Exercise in Increased Gravity

Kyle Tam: Quantum Computers

Taylor Tharp: Physics of Tension Control Bolts

Derek Teel: The Magnus Effect

Noah Tsigonis: Physics of Welding

Jennifer Tucker: The Physics of Intravenous Fluid Administration

Mark Underwood: Tesla Coil 2016

Tristan Van Cise: Physics of Sound and Vibration

Jimmy Von Holle Jr: Physics in 2-D!

Roger Vang: Physics of Bubbles

Logan Wendling: Physics of Lightning

Christopher Williams: The True Physics inside the game of Football

Tyler Wilson: Steven Tyler Wilson: Physics of Bicycles Final

David Woo: Glacier Travel

Patrick Woolery: The Physics of Ectoplasm

Robin Zimmerman: The Searl Energy Effect



Anthony Kolendo: The Physics of Hockey