Isaac Lammers: The Physics of Avalanches

Clay Allen: An Introduction to Quadcopters

Duncan Keith: Star Trek

Eric Bookless: Physics of Alice in Wonderland

Sophia Tidler: The Physics of Sneezing

Taylor Roth: The Physics of an Internal Combustion Engine

Cecilia Hull: Physics of Bubbles

Jody Gaines: Physics of Futurama

Keanu Paikai: The Physics of Internal Combustion Engines

Justin Schneider: Boomerangs

Aisha Peters: The Physics of Matches

Casey Shaw: Physics of Ocean Waves

Riley Troyer: Science of the Ski

Joseph Ofeldt: Basic turbine theory

Robert Monfore: The Physics of the Hockey Slapshot

Justin Stewart: The good the bad the ugly of movie phyiscs

Beau Counts: Photovoltaics

Dalton Hutcherson: Physics of Electric Cars

Lucas Siftar: How Astronauts Prepare for Physics in Space

Dalton Calquhoun: The Physics of Toilets

Jessica Garvin: The Physics of Amusement Park Rides

Jiwoo Kim: Parallel Circuits

Ryker Dial: Wave Disk Engine

Charles Hnilicka III: How a Refrigerator Works

Alexander Mitchell: Physics of a Pushup

Nicholas Hogan: Skid Steer Loaders

Rex Hallmann: Physics of Generators

Nicholas Wells: The Physics of Roller Coasters

Cody Gaines: Physics of the Plasma Globe

Maria Sanders: Physics of sound

Tyler Holmes: The Doppler Effect

Drew Turner: The Physics of Bubbles

Jacob Karl: Ground Source Heat Pump

Kasie Baker: Ernest Rutherford

Rafael Orozco: Tyrannosaur Physics

Daniel Williams: Electric Guitar

Jasper Jackson: The Physics Of Godzilla!

Patrick Steckman: Physics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Phillip White: An Intro to Direct Injection

Alexander Bertram: The Physics of Basic Rock Mechanics

Jenah Laurio: The Physics of Exercise

Caleb Gordon: The Cosmic Microwave Background

Tracy Rogers: Arctic Sea Ice

Terry Taylor: The Physics of Shooting a Rifle

Amanda Mcpherson: How Speed Radars Work

Harrison Hartle: Rigid Body Rotations and Euler's Equations

Timothy Demarre: Telescopes

Arsh Chauhan: The Physics of Electricity Generation

Wyatt Bush: The Physics of DC Comics

Alison Giffoni: The Physics of Glaciers

Ryan Johnson: Cell Phone Radiation

Dawson Lewandoski: Can You Glide Off the UAF Sledding Hill?

Daniel Posey: Stirling Engine

Connor Mattson: The Physics of Adhesives

Eugene Chesna III: Weirdness of Physics

Addison Miller: The Physics of a Slapshot

Jared Fairbanks: Physics of Railguns

Khan Howe: The Double Slit Experiment

Timothy Ballard: Thermoacoustic Refrigeration

Rocky Powers: Dark Matter & Dark energy

Dustin Bourque: How a Synthesizer Works

Robert Colles: Physics of a Thermos

James Colles: Physics of Drip Coffee

Mohamad Abdulwahab: Albert Einstein

Brian Cook: The Physics of Formula One

Sean Counihan: Electromagnetism

Daniel Sandstrom: The Inventor of Today

Mi Chin Yi: Physics of Cooking ; Grilling Steaks

Devante Owens: Physics of Carnot Engine

Ryan Rostad: Physics and Robert Feynman

Sara Mustard: Monster Truck Physics

Samuel Kendall: Quantum Computing

Leif Olson: Firearm Physics

Katherine O'Connor: The Physics of the Human Conscious

Steven Temple: Physics Behind Carving Mount Rushmore

Alex Slaymaker: The Physics of the northern lights (final edit)

Zachariah Yarbro: Concepts, Methods, and Modern Research in Nuclear Energy Development

Beth Steele: Nikola Tesla Biography

Taylor Hanley: Steam and Water Turbines

Matthew Allard: Solar Sails

Abdel Abouhaib: Duality&Schrodinger Equation

Jeremy Lebert: Physics of Ice and Snow

Michael Levison: The Quaternions

Steven Cassell: An Engineers look at the Pyramids of Egypt

Christopher Eckerson: Physics of Sailing

Matthew Blake: The Physics of Ground Source Heat Exchange Systems

Dallon Knight: Superconductors

Jeanie Szidloski: Rotational Motion and the Internet's Favorite Animal

Jonathan Craig: the physics of electric eels

Sean Wilson: Mine Hoisting System Design, Sean W.

Aaron Orr: Physics of Sound

Jacob Harding: Nikola Tesla

Michael Schurz: The Physics of the Ideal Gas Law

Zackary Schikora: Carrington Event

Haley Brown: The physics behind a refrigerator: Involving the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Grant Cummings: Physics of Coffee

Ryan Burnham: Physics of Hunting

Claressa Ullmayer: Physics of the Double Bass

Erik Williams: The Physics of Fish Hearing

Mackenzie Stamey: Physics and Art

Riley Witte: Synchrotron Radiation and the SSRL

Stacey Krepel: Physics of Sailing

Craig Lematta: Physics of Snowboarding

Patrick Dewane: Hot Air Balloons and You!

Jaimie Barnes: Physics of Hot Air Balloons

Greg Klupar: Wireless Communication