Sean Counihan

PHYS 212
April 21, 2014


The primary goal of this web project is to obtain a general understanding of how to create a webpage.  The topic of the webpage is centered on a subject within physics.  Thus, the secondary goal is to discuss the topic of electromagnetism including:  how it came to be defined, a complete conceptual definition, and some of its properties.  First, the history of electromagnetism will be explored, followed by a discussion of just what electromagnetism is.  This will include breaking electromagnetism apart and looking at electricity and magnetism separately.  After understanding electricity and magnetism, we can then proceed in unifying electricity and magnetism by offering a complete definition of electromagnetism.  We will then end our exploration with a few facts and applications of electromagnetism.


A Brief History     Electricity     Magnetism     Electromagnetism      Facts & Applications     Conclusions & Uncertainty     Bibliography