The Physics of Roller Coasters!

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Roller coasters are fun for most. There are many people who have never ridden a roller coaster, but for those of us who have, it was a thrilling experience. There are many different types of roller coasters, big or small, that keep people entertained throughout the sunny months. Roller coasters are not for everyone. To be truly enjoyed, a person must first be willing to ride the roller coaster in question. This is harder to do among some groups. However, most who agree find themselves in a happier place. Roller coasters are driven by powerful physics. These physics control how they move, how they are able to complete their maneuvers, how they stop, and what we as riders feel. Here is the place to find out about the physics of roller coasters. Steel coasters will be the main focus of this web page. To begin, please click on the link that most interests you.

Motion and Speed



  Rider Feelings

By: Nicholas Wells
For: Physics 212X at UAF
Final Edits: 4/20/2014