Nicholas Hogan
Physics 212
Spring 2014

 Which type of skid steer loader is right for you?

Volvo Skid Steer with
There are many different options when looking at what type of heavy equipment would be best for your situation. There are many places to start, however, this webpage builds off of the idea that you are already looking at a skid steer loader. 

If your mind is not made up completely yet, here is a quick look into what a skid steer is. A skid steer will commonly be small with either wheels or tracks. They are great for small areas and places where maneuverability is required. Skid steers have many attachments for any situation that you might run in to, and can be used for almost every task throughout the day. 

There are many different types of skid steer's that you can look at, and this website should help you look at which type would best fit your needs. In the index above, there are links to the major categories that will need to be considered before purchasing. 

This is a website that is aimed at informing you, the consumer, on which type of skid steer loader you may want. 

It will be a very short and informative web project, however it will give you a very good idea of which skid steer will best fit your desire and needs.

Each page will contain a summary box similar to this which will briefly cover what this page will go over. There will not be any information in these boxes, however they will give you an idea of what information will be talked about on this page.