212 Web Projects Spring 2017

Note, All the projects/updates I have received to date are linked, check them.

Brandon Abbott: Physics Of StarWars

Juan Acevedo: The Physics Of The Double Slit Experimentt

Andrew Adler: The Physics of Pokemon

Christopher Bailey: Project Chariot

Sameen Bhullar: Physics of Skating

Riley Bickford: Stirling Engines

Michael Bilan: The Simulation Hypothesis

Ross Boling: Maglev Trains

Ryan Bonk: The Physics of Viking Ships

Andrew Bray: Physics of Rock Climbing

Nick Brazier: Superconductivity

William Brighton: Multirotors

Catherine Bristow: The Shape of the Universe

Rachel Bruesch: Nuclear Power

Brett Carlson: Photosynthesis Physics

Makenzie Carroll: Makenzie Carroll-Physics of Roller Coasters

Stacia Cascio: Carnot Cycle and Heat Engines

Liam Cassell: Different Auroras in our Solar System

Jan Cech: Physics of downhill skiing

James Colburn: Skateboard Physics

Jake Conner: Thermodynamics and Society

Mark Credito: The Physics of Maglev Trains

Carl Crockett: Carl Crockett : Physics with Faraday

Rachel Crosley: Physics of Hot Cocoa

Sarah Curtis: Marvel Physics

Austin Dabbs: Higgs Boson

Anthony DiLuccia Jr: The Physics of Hockey

Hal Dimarchi: The Physics of Quantum Computing

Max Donaldson: The Physics of Nalgene Water Bottles

Nikolay Donets: Physics of the Atom

Wylie Donich: The Physics of Black Holes

Jesse Drick: The Physics of Speakers

Justin Driskell: Physics of Handguns

Nick Druyvestein: Moon Physics

Samantha Eich-Tewalt: Sammy Eich-Tewalt: Aurora Borealis

Charles Emerson: Richard P. Feynman

Max Erickson: Magnetic Levitation Trains

Sam Erie: The Physics of Snowboarding II


Catherine Estus: The Physics of Bridge Design

Ian Ferguson: Science of Godzilla

Curtis Fortenberry: Lorentz Force Law

Audrey Freeman: The Physics of Hot Air Balloons

Steve Gabrielsen: Physics of Blasting

Jonathan Gates: Physics of a Digital Camera

Patricia Gerdes: A Breath of Fresh Air

Connor Gilman: Physics of Speakers

Ryan Goldfuss: Physics of an Alaskan bush plane

Samual Green: The PHYSICAL Right Hand Rule Crew

Stephen Gregory: Physics of D.C. Circuits

Robert Groeneweg-Sanders: The Physics of Guitar

Mikayla Grunin: Pyotr Kapitsa and Superfluidity

Jae Ham: Physics of Volleyball

Kimber Harnar: Isaac Newton

David He Does It: Forced Induction

Michael Helkenn: Physics and Snowmachines

Nathan Helms: Side Channel Attacks

Heidi Holcomb: Heidi Holcomb: Lise Meitner

Benson Hoover: Physics of Baseball

Dimitar Ivanovski: The Electrifying NIkola Tesla

Trevor Jepsen: Grilling A Steak: Energy Sources & Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Kiersten Johnson: The Physics of Rock Climbing

Myles Johnson: Physics of Water

Tyler Jones: Galileo Galilei

Nate Kaaihue: Special Relativity

Sabina Kryshak-Karwowski: Physics of Hibernation

Emily Kirkpatrick: The Big Bang Theory

Joshua Klina: Johannes Kepler

Anthony Kolendo: The Physics of Hockey

Ryan Kramer: Finding Earth-like Planets

Best Kulavitaya: The Physics of Skydiving

Austin Laber: Lightning Rods

Collin Lasley: Physics Of Figure Skating

Miles Leguineche: The Physics of Submarines

Marianna Ligon: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Justin Lopez: The Physics of Beer Pong

Raymundo Lopez: The Physics of Hydrocarbons

Jon Maakestad: Energy Conceptualized

Wesley Manner: The Physics of Tanks

Colwyn Martin: The Physics of Walnuts

Akashia Martinez: Sonoluminescence

Jesse Mayo: Physic of bird flight

Evan McArthur: Negative People

Kelly McCartney: The Physics of Golf

Joshua McCandless: Sticks and Stones

Cory McDonald: The Physics of Lightning

Monroe Morris: Hypothermia, The Physics of

Jacalyn Morgan: Alternating Current: Applications and History

Summer Morton: The Physics of Archery

Bradley Morton: Methods of Spacecraft Propulsion

Trevor Morton: Physics of Fictional Universes

Tad Nelson: Turbine Thermodynamics

Omar Niagne: Into the accelerator

Conor O'Kelley-Ault: Jet Engines

Andrew Parker: Antimatter

Mackenzie Parrott: Physics of Sound

Jacob Peeples: Energy and Ice

Vernon Perry: Physics of Radiant Floor Heating

MaryKate Petty: Physics of a Alaska Morning

Patrick Rainwater: Patrick Rainwater The CERN Large Hadron Collider

Meredyth Richards: Physics of Running the Equinox Marathon

Shane Rutledge: The Physics of Piano


John Schnering: Physics of World War II Tank Shells

Christopher Seamount: Physics of Loudspeakers

Taylor Seitz: X-ray Crystallography

Jaimy Schwarber: Digging into the Realm of Rock Mechanics

Duane Shaffer: Geothermal Heat Pumps

Garrett Sheets: Physics of Canoeing

Madison Shotenski: Vacuums Suck

Cameron Showalter: The Physics behind Parkour

Revathy Smith: Andre-Marie Ampere

Elizabeth Smith: Backdraft

Brian Snell: Faraday

Sterling Stasak: Faraday's Law

Ryan Stonebraker: Physics of Arduinos

Kyle Tam: Paul Dirac

Derek Teel: Acoustic Levitation

Taylor Tharp: Physics of Non Destructive Testing

Ethan Trickey: Rolling Resistance

Conner Truskowski: Bike Physics

Noah Tsigonis: Physics of Milling

Jennifer Tucker: The Fun Science Behind Oobleck

Mark Underwood: Thermoelectricity

Tristan Van Cise: Physics that Govern Computers

David Warner: Physics of Frisbees

Christopher Williams: Physics Behind the Engines

David Woo: The Physics of Ice Climbing

Patrick Woolery: Hammering Hotter: heat energy from a blacksmith's hammer