Conceptualizing Bloodhound SSC

Jon Maakestad
    Recently a team based out of England is attempting to break the current land speed record of 763 miles and hour (a record also set by the English).1  The Bloodhound team seeks to break current land speed record and the 1000 mph mark on land,which is a pretty impressive number all in itself but honestly what does that mean?  It's difficult to really get a feel for what kind of force is involved with any object moving at 1000 mph, let alone a car.  To get a better grasp of what that means, we need to get a better idea of the amount of energy we are dealing with.  In order to understand, lets take a closer look at the car itself.
So we have at least a little context in regard to the amount of kinetic energy that this vehicle can be represented as at full speed.  So what other ways can we conceptualize this metric? If, at full speed Bloodhound hit a marble square on the nose, and transferred %100 of its kinetic energy to the marble, what would that be like? Does

I may have lost my marble