Michael Faraday, as you may read in the biographical section of this web page, was a self-made man. In a time when the cultural norm was to stay within the economic situation you were born in he broke free by his own ambition. Faraday is credited with many fundamental concepts that are currently seen in used daily in our present time. A few of these concepts are electromagnetic fields from a conductor carrying a direct current. He also conceived the laws electrolysis and invented many machines that are the basis of electric motors that are used from everything from large commercial wood mills turning saw blades to ‘eco-friendly’ Prius cars.

In his time, he was known for explaining trying concepts in a way that was logical, concise, and not overly verbose at first at the city’s philosophical society and later he was notorious for his Christmas day lectures. These lectures was something he believed in writing, “a flame should be lighted at the commencement and kept alive with unremitting splendor to the end” as he wished most for those who heard his lectures to try to figure out the natural world around them. As he later asked an audience, “you know very well that ice floats upon water…Why does the ice float? Think of that and philosophize.”

Faraday's Law
Faraday Cage