Curtis Fortenberry | Phys F212X


     In short, the Lorentz Force is the force exerted on a charge by an electric and a magnetic field. The force is a result of a charged particle 'q' moving at a velocity 'v' through an electric field 'E' and a magnetic field 'B', which can be expressed in the equation (known as the Lorentz Force Law):

Lorentz Force Equation

This force can be used to describe the magnetic force on a current carrying wire and the electromotive force (EMF) in a wire loop moving in a magnetic field, as well as the force on a charged particle travelling near the speed of light.

     The Lorentz Force is a description of the interaction of a moving point charge through an electromagnetic field. While this force is adequate in describing the interaction between individual and group behavior of charged particles, it no longer becomes adequate in describing the behavior within a material medium as not only do materials respond to eletric and magnetic fields, but they also generate them as well.