211 Web Projects Fall 2014

Note, All the projects/updates I have received to date (Dec. 13 noon) are linked, check them.


Katie Aikens: The Physics of Bowling

Caleb Alkire: Microwaves and Solar Arrays

Shawn Almario: The Physics of Table Tennis

Mia Anderson: Physics of Ski Jumping

Elliott Anderson: The Physics of The Golden Gate Bridge

Ange Atse: The Physics of an Ollie

Thor Austin: The The Physics of Flight Related to Airplanes

Kyle Bartlett: Physics of Snowboarding

Levi Barsis: Physics of Rock Climbing

Chris Bon: The Boundary of the Universe

Timothy Bouta: Physics of Binauralbeats

Daniel Bozone: Physics of Aerial Skiing

Blaze Brooks: Physics of Snowmachining

Trace Braxling: Simulated Physics in Games

Alexander Brown: Physics and the History of the Atom

Ian Brazier: The Physics of the Four-stroke Engine

Mitchell Burgess: Blowouts in Wells

Khrisstian Burns-Shafer: Physics and Chess

Zachary Carey: Zachary Carey: The Physics of Space

Kevin Chang: The Physics of Martial Arts

Nathan Chartier: Physics of Skiing

Autumn Childers: Physics of Archery

Bong Chon: Physics of Fighter Jets

Logan Collins II: The Physics of Popcorn

Tyler Compton: The Fundamental Physics of Golf

Gabriel Creasy: The Cool Physics of Pool

Derek Crenshaw: The Physics of Happy Gilmore

Benjamin Curtiss: Timekeeping

William Czyzewski: Physics and Oil Recovery: A Brief Look

Kai Davids Schell: Physics of Interstellar

Chase Delatush: The Physics of Torque Converters

Joyce Dustin Demientieff: The Physics of Our Plasma Shower

Ange Djahon: Chastity and Newton's first Law

Justin Driskell: Hockey Physics

Leah Droege: The Physics of Sasquatch Music Festival

Franklyn Dunbar II: Tide Physics

Ariel Ellison: The Physics Behind Figure Skating

Koty Emery: Forensic Serology: Blood Spatter Analysis

Diloola Erickson: The Physics of Heating Your House

Erin Falldorf: Drawing and Physics

Benjamin Fetterhoff: The Physics of Boats

Laurin Fisher: The Physics Behind Video Games

Trenton Friend: Slowing Down Light with Lene Hau

Ezekiel Frank: The Most Influential Man of Science

Gabriel Fulton: The Physics of Straws

Wyatt Gaffigan: Neutron Stars:

Brianna Gilmore: Physics of Lord of the Rings

Saxon Girard: Nikola Tesla

Addis Gonzalez: Physics of Moving Water

Lucas Goodman: Rubik's Cubes

Cutter Grahn: Hydrostatic Shock

Nora Gyswyt: Physics of Aerial Silks

Jed Hardcastle: How to Drift: Physics

Austin Head: The Physics of Spongebob Squarepants

Max Hesser-Knoll: The Physics of Tennis

Michelle Hicks: Energy Out of Thin Air: A Brief Look

Shawn Hochhausen: The Physics of Hockey

Mason Huffman: The Physics of Rock Blasting

Jonah Jeffries: Superconductors: Mechanisms and Applications

Jesse Keller: The Physics of the Clarinet

Peter Kelly: Hypersonic Flight

Keyan Kincade: Physics of Snowboarding

Brett Kirk: Physics Behind an Eskimo Yo-Yo

Joe Knox V: The Physics of Kerbal Space Program

Sean Kordewick: The Physics of Supersonic Flight

Lindsey Kromrey: Ice Skating Physics

Adam Kurzbard:

Lenin G Lau: auroras and Physics

Taylor Laiti: Marie Curie

Kelsey Lindahl: The Physics of Volleyball

Alan Lipka: Physics of Big Mountain Snowboarding

Kirsten Loaiza: Lise Meitner

Justin Long: Rock Climbing

Ryker Long: Physics of Frisbee Golf

Jonathan Lovell: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nicholas Lovett: physics of bike racing

Luis Marquez: The Physics of Refraction and its Properties

Nicholas Marcello: Physics of Drifting

Serena McCormick:

Duff McEnteer: The Physics of Dogmushing

Jacob McKenna: Aerodynamics of Airplanes

Joshua McNeal: The Physics of Oil Rod Pumps

Alexander Medeiros: Robotic Arms

Bryce Melegari: The Physics of Video Games

George Meier: The Physics of MMA

Zachary Milbradt: Science of Kerbal Space Program

Robert Miller: Discovering Space

Dillon Mills: The Physics of Paintball

Brita Mjos: The Coriolis Effect: Garbage Patches and Productive Fisheries

Nicholas Morgan: Physics of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Aidan Myers: Physics of Bread

Carie Navio: Iron Man

Gunnar Ostman: Short Biography of Tesla

Matthew Parrish: Physics of Star Citizen

Jackson Page: Time Dilation and Time Travel

Kari Peters: The Physics of Wool

Emanuel Plascencia: Physics of the Piano

Michael Pritchard: James Chadwick

Fredrick Pruce: Manipulating Matter with High Frequency Compression Waves

Jan Pruce: Quake 3 Movement

Amir Raz: The Physics of Rock Climbing

Keegan Rankin: Mineral Physics

Nathanael Reams: Bass Physics

David Reynolds: Albert Einstein A Simple Biography

Carl Richmond: Shark Circulatory System

Stephen Ringle: The Physics of Soccer

Sarah Riopelle: Physics Behind Discus

Zayn Roohi: The Physics of Cameras

David Rowland: The Physics of Logging

Edward Russell: Bullet Trajectories

John Saldana: Physics of Tron

Dylan Sanders: The Physics of Soccer

Timothy Sherry: Physics of a Bullet

Kenley Scarlett: Physics of a Diesel Engine

Kyle Scarlett: Physics of Tractors

Hattie Schmidtkunz: The Physics of Paragliding

Matti Silta: Physics of Whitewater

Jason Slats: The Effect of Time Dilation Due To Special and General Relativity on GPS Satellites

Coleman Smith: Compound bow Vs Recurve Bow

Randall Stables: Physics of Ballroom Dancing

Hannah Stevens: Roller Skiing and the Physics of this Insane Sport

Matthew Tallman: The Physics of Basketball

Christopher Thorp: Physics of pinball

Sage Tixier: Sage Tixier: Nikola Tesla and his Life

Taylor Tompkins: electric motors and the conservation of energy

Dylan Tucker: Dylan Tucker: Overview on Lasers

Christopher Turner: Physics of Dirtbikes

Liliane Ulukivaiola: the physics of skateboarding

Aaron Van Der Male: Aarons Physics Project

Adam Walters: The Northern Lights

Rohan Weeden: Physics Game Engines

Adam Weis: The Physics of Cats

Sarah Williamson: Physics of Spongebob Squarepants

Vincent Yeboah: Mayan Cosmology