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Department graduates with links to thesis pdf



  • Maryam Bukhader, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    'Climate Drivers of Interior Alaska Wildland Fire (1994-2017)' , pdf.
  • Yang Yang Ph.D. (Xiangdong Zhang)
    'Characteristics of Arctic Storms and Their Impact on Surface Climate', pdf.
  • Jenifer Alspach, M.S. (Richard Collins)
    ' Lidar and Satellite Studies of Noctilucent Clouds Over Alaska', pdf.


  • Till Baumann Ph.D. (Igor Polyakov)
    ' Response of Major Modes of Eastern Arctic Ocean Variability to Climate Change', pdf
  • Liran Peng Ph.D. (Xiangdong Zhang)
    ' Impacts of Storm on Sea Ice From Case Study to Climate Scale Analysis', pdf.
  • Jintai Li, Ph.D. (Richard Collins)
    ' Lidar and Radar Studies of Turbulence and Waves in the Arctic Middle Atmosphere' , pdf.
  • Jacob Stroh, Ph.D., (Nicole Mölders)
    ' Data Analysis and Data Assimilation of Arctic Ocean Observations', pdf.
  • Alexander Semenov, Ph.D. (Xiangdong Zhang)
    'Modeling Investigation of Interaction Between Arctic Sea Ice and Storms: Insights from Case Studies and Climatological Hindcast Simulations', pdf.


  • Ipshita Majhi, Ph.D. (Uma Bhatt),
    'Hydroclimate in Eurasia from the Arctic to the Tropics', pdf
  • Richard Lader, Ph.D. (John Walsh), ' Emergent Impact of Rapidly Changing Climate Extremes in Alaska.' pdf.


  • Lei Cai, Ph.D. (Vladimir Alexeev),
    'Global and Local Contributors to the Historical and Projected Climate Change on the North Slope of Alaska.' pdf.
  • Abraham Melesse Endalamaw, Ph.D. (Rob Bolton),
    'Development of a Parameterization for mesoscale hydrological modeling and application to landscape and climate change in the Interior Alaska boreal forest ecosystem'. pdf.


  • Colin Triplett, Ph.D. (Richard Collins),
    'Rocket and LIDAR Studies of Waves and Turbulence in the Arctic Middle Atmoshere', pdf.
  • Jintai Li, M.S. (Richard Collins),
    ' Radar Studies of Turbulence and Lidar Studies of The Nickel Layers in The Arctic Mesosphere', pdf.
  • Amy Hendricks, M.S. (John Walsh/Toru Saito),
    'Late Quaternary and Future Biome Simulations for Alaska and Eastern Russia', pdf.
  • Stanley Edwin, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),'Climatology and Forcing Mechanisms of Funnel Clouds in Alaska', pdf.


  • Reynir Winnan, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    'Using Self-Organizing Maps to Detail Synoptic Connections Between Climate Indices and Alaska Weather', pdf, Meteorologist at Risk Management Solutions.
  • Vinay Kayetha, Ph.D. (Richard Collins),
    'Ice Clouds over Fairbanks, Alaska', pdf, Support Scientist at NASA Goddard.
  • Mary Butwin, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Theoretical Investigations on Strategies for Sampling Metoerological and Chemical Field Quantities in Smoke Plumes Using UAVS', pdf. PhD Program University of Iceland.
    <==Video Summary of Thesis.

  • Derek Starkenberg, Ph.D. (Javier Fochesatto/ AnupmaPrakash),
    'The Analysis of Turbulent Sensible Heat Fluxes within a Heterogeneous Black Spruce Boreal Forest in Alaska', pdf.
    <==Video Summary of Thesis.
  • Gregory Deemer, M.S. (Uma Bhatt/ Hajo Eicken),
    'On Using Numerical Sea-Ice Prediction and Indigenous Observations to Improve Operational Sea-Ice Forecasts During Spring in the Bering Sea', pdf.
    <==Video Summary of Thesis.


  • Richard Lader, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    'An Evaluation of Reanalysis Products for Alaska to Facilitate Climate Impact Studies', pdf.
  • Joshua Walston, M.S. (Georgina Gibson),
    'Evaluation of High Latitude Variability, with a Focus on Bering Sea Extremes Simulated by the Community Earth System Model, Version 1', pdf.
  • Soumik Basu, Ph.D., (Xiangdong Zhang),
    'Modeling investigation of Northern Hemisphere Extratropical Storm Variability and Changes in a Warming Climate', pdf.
  • Michael Pirhalla, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Assessment of Particulate Accumulation Climatology under Inversions in Glacier Bay for the 2008 Tourist Season Using WRF/Chem Data', pdf.

  • Vinay Kayetha M.S. (Kenneth Sassen),
    'Ice Clouds Over Fairbanks', Alaska, pdf.
  • Bithi De, M.S. (Xiandong Zhang),
    'Arctic Spring Transition in a Warming Climate: Analysis by Using a Reanalysis Dataset' , pdf.
  • Michael Madden, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Using WRF/CHEm Surface Observations, and CALIPSO Data to Develop Synthetic Pixels for the Assessment of Smoke Signals at High Latitudes', pdf.
  • Cecilia Borries, M.S. (Xiangdong Zhang),
    'Atmospheric Moisture Transport and Its Impact on the Water Cycle over the North Pacific: The Roles of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and El Nino', pdf.


  • Ketsiri Leelasakultum, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Investigation on the Impacts of Low-Sulfur Fuel Used in Residential Heating and Oil-Fired Power Plants on PM2.5-Concentrations and its Composition in Fairbanks', Alaska, pdf.
  • Matthew Gruber, M.S. (Javier Fochesatto),
    ' Sensitivity Analysis and Solution Method for Scintillometer Measurements of Area-Average Turbulent Fluxes', pdf.
  • Cameron Martus, M.S. (Richard Collins),
    'Exploration of Mesospheric Metal Layers from Chatanika, Alaska', pdf.


  • Huy N. Q. Tran (Nicole Mölders)
    'Analyiss of Model and Observation Data for the Development of a Public PM2.5 Air-Quality Advisories Tool (AQuAT)', pdf.
  • Theodore Fathaur, M.S. (Nicole Mölders)
    ‘The Relation of Spring Pollen Release to Weather in Fairbanks, Alaska’, pdf.
  • Brita Irving, M.S. (Richard Collins)
    'Rayleigh LIDAR studies of Mesospheric Inversion layers at Poker Flat Research Range, Chatanika, Alaska', pdf
  • Peter Bieniek, Ph.D. (Uma Bhatt)
    ‘Assessing River Ice Breakup Date, Coastal Tundra Vegetation and Climate Divisions in the Context of Alaska Climate Variability’, pdf
  • Oceana Francis, Ph.D. (Uma Bhatt & David Atkinson)
    ‘Atmospheric Forcing of Wave States in the Southeast Chukchi Sea’, pdf,


  • John Mayfield, M.S. (Javier Fochesatto)
    ‘The Micrometeorological Effects of Drainage Flow in the Winter Atmospheric Boundary Layer’, pdf
  • Paula Moreira, M.S. (Xiangdong Zhang)
    'Mesoscale Modeling of a Polar Low in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas',  pdf.
  • Jean K Talbot, M.S. (Uma Bhatt)
    'Use of Hurst and Renyi Analysis to Detect and Characterize Pacific Decadal Oscillation Impacts on Climate Variability in Alaska', pdf.
  • Dyre O. Dammann, M.S. (Uma Bhatt)
    'Role of Arctic Sea Ice Variability in Climate Models', pdf,
  • Jiang Zhu, Ph.D. (Kenneth Sassen)
    'Investigation on Cirrus Clouds by the Cloud-Aerosol LIDAR and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation Data', pdf.


  • Austin Cross, M.S. (David Atkinson)
    'Synoptic drivers of storm surge In Kotzebue Sound', pdf.
  • Julie Malingowski, M.S. (David Atkinson)
    'An  Observational  study  of  the  surfaced-­-based  radiation  temperature  inversion   in  Fairbanks,  Alaska', pdf.
  • Rebecca Legatt (Heim), M.S. (Igor Polyakov)
    'North Atlantic Air-Sea Interactions Driven by Atmospheric and Oceanic Stochastic Forcing in a Simple Box Model', pdf


  • Debasish Pai Mazumder,Ph.D (Nicole Mölders),
    ' A concept to access the performance of a permafrost model run fully coupled with a climate model', pdf
  • Stacy E. Porter, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Investigation of the impact of ship emissions on atmospheric composition and deposition in remote, coastal landscapes of southwest Alaska', pdf,
  • Brentha Thurairajah, Ph.D. (Richard Collins),
    ' Role of waves on the circulation of the arctic middle atmosphere: Rayleigh LIDAR measurements and analysis', pdf
  • Michel dos Santos Mesquita, Ph.D.(David Atkinson),
    ' Characteristics and variability of storm tracks in the North Pacific', Bering Sea and Alaska, pdf.
  • Agatha Light, M.S. (Richard Collins),
    'Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Resonance Fluorescence Lidar for Measurements of N+2 in the Auroral Atmosphere', pdf.
  • Jennifer March, M.S. (Atkinson),
    'Synoptic Climatology of the Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska: A Data Legacy of the International Geophysical Year', pdf, Fairbanks, AK.


  • Stefanie Bourne, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    ' A Climate Perspective of Observed and Modeled Surface-based Temperature Inversions in Alaska', pdf .
  • Morgan Brown (Yarker), M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Impact of Local External Forcing of the 2006 Augustine Volcano Eruption on Regional Weather Conditions' , pdf,
  • Patrick Cobb, M.S. (Kenneth Sassen),
    ' Assessing the Performance of Several MODIS Level-2 Cloud and Aerosol Products Against a Surface Based Polarization Cloud LIDAR at Fairbanks, AK', pdf.


  • Peter Bieniek, M.S. (Gerd Wendler),
    ' Climate and Predictibility of Alaska Wildfires', pdf.
  • Pavan Kankanala, M.S. (Kenneth Sassen),
    'Doppler Sodar Observations of the Winds and Structure in the Lower Atmosphere Over Fairbanks, Alaska' , pdf.
  • Zhao Li, Ph.D. (Nicole Mölders),
    ' Investigations on the Impacts of Land-Cover Changes and/or Increased CO2 Concentrations on Four Regional Water Cycles and Their Interactions with the Global Water Cycle', pdf.


  • Rawshan Muna, M.S. (Vladimir Alexeev),
    ' On the Origin of Monson: Conventional Theory vs New Findings', Project M.S., pdf,
  • Colin Murray, M.S. (John Walsh),
    ' A Model Composite Assessment of the Enhancement of Arctic Warming by Sea Ice Retreat', Project MS.
  • Kara Sterling, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    ' Multi-Decadal Variability of Atlantic Water Heat Transports as Seen in the Community Climate Systems Model Version 3.0', pdf,
  • Ramaswamy Tiruchirapalli, M.S. (Kenneth Sassen),
    ' Micropulse Lidar Observations of Free Tropospheric Aerosols over the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement site at Barrow, Alaska', pdf.
  • James Campbell, Ph.D. (Kenneth Sassen),
    'Autonomous Full-Time Lidar Observations of Polar Stratospheric Clouds at South Pole', pdf.


  • Mihailo Jankov, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Analysis of Uncertainty in Simulated Exchange of heat and Moisture at the Land-Atmosphere Interface', pdf.
  • Bala Narapusetty, M.S. (Mölders),
    'Evaluation of a Hydro-thermodynamic Soil Vegetation Scheme on the Basis of
    Observations and a Galerkin type Finite Element Numerical Scheme', pdf.


  • Ipshita Majhi, M.S. (Nicole Mölders),
    'Evaluation of a Hydro-thermodynamic Soil Vegetation Scheme by Observations in Alaska and the Baltic Region', Project MS, pdf.
  • Likun Wang, Ph.D. (Kenneth Sassen),
    'Mid-latitude Cirrus Cloud Structural Properties Analyzed From the Extended Facility for Atmospheric Remote Sensing', pdf.


  • Cecilé Hannay, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    'Single Column Model Simulations of Arctic Cloudiness and Surface Radiative Fluxes during the SHEBA Experiment', pdf.
  • Joseph Sheedy, M.S. (Cathy Cahill),
    'On the Surface: Energy Budget of Antarctic Sea Ice', Project MS, pdf.
  • Adrienne Tivy, M.S. (Uma Bhatt),
    'Investigation of North Pacific Sea Ice Anomalies in the Context of Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability', pdf.