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Graduate Student Resources

This page provides information about various aspects of the graduate student experience.

General Information

Typical Deadlines you need to think about (new 13 June 2017)

Course Catalog (List of courses on UAF catalog)


Degree Information

Student Guidelines

Degree Requirements

Graduate Plan

CNSM graduate student policy, pdf here

DAS rules for graduate advisory committee composition (updated 5/20/2011)

DAS Written Comprehensive Exam rules, Request form (updated January 2013)

DAS ‘Policies on a failed thesis/dissertation defense examination’, get here: Fail_2011.pdf and ‘Policies on thesis/dissertation defense examination scheduling’, get here  Schedule_2011.pdf (12/14/2011).

Evaluation Forms for Oral Presentations

Oral Thesis Defense, pdf here,
Thesis Defense checklist, Thesis_Checklist_Form.pdf
Class Presentations, pdf here

For New Students

Start-up Tips