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Unified Rear Triangle

Although this design has lost its appeal to the modern market, it remains a clever way to address the issue of chain growth. The only difference between the single pivot and the unified rear triangle is that the bottom bracket is attached to the swing arm here. This means that while the suspension compresses, the distance between the wheel axle and the bottom bracket will not change, resulting no suspension activity from the chain tension, or vice-versa. HTGranted, pedal bob still exists due to the rider's bouncing up and down while pedaling, but there is no bump feedback at all because the chain remains the same length throughout travel.

Further more , the pedal bob will be increased because the bottom bracket is mounted on the swing arm. Any torque provided at a pedal (being on the end of a crank arm) will be clockwise (in the direction of suspension compression), thus further compacting of the suspension.

The unified rear triangle design will have a similar wheel path and forces to the single pivot.

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