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Monolink is a clever new design that came out of the hands of engineers from Maverick Cycles. It is so unique and simple that it requires its own page. It is so proprietary that it must use a modified one a kind (no one else makes them) air shock that is mounted statically to the rear triangle. HTUsually the shocks used in suspension designs have two mount points that frame components may rotate on. Put another way, the shock is permanently coaxial to the bar CG.

The program that was used to make these diagrams is incapable of calculating the wheel path, and has been edited in. As per a video released by Maverick Cycles (source in the About page), the wheel path is significantly more "up and back" than every other design displayed on this site. This allows less energy to be lost in forcing the wheel out of the way by irregular terrain.

The bottom bracket is mounted roughly in the middle of the link FG, allowing minimal chain growth (but just enough to limit pedal bob). Brake-induced lockout will be a very limited issue here because force vector from the brake caliper is perpendicular to the movement of the system's components.

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