211 Web Projects Fall 2018

Note, All the projects/updates I have received to date are linked, check them.

Alden Ahern: Frequency of use of Centripetal and Centrifugal in books

Zion Alioto: The Physics of 3D Printing A Lunar Base

Chloe Allan: Samurai Physics

David Atwood: External Ballistics of Rifle Bullets

Alex Baham: Alex Baham: Physics of Basketball

Cody Baker: Physice of Four-Stroke Theory

Grace Bolt: Grace Bolt: Physics for Christmas

Russell Buckholz: The Fizz-ics of Beer

Blake Caldwell: What Happens When you Press a Key on your Computer?

Scott Chaddon Jr: Conservation of Magic

Stephen Chase: Physics In Football

Robert Cline: Static Line Parachuting

Curtis Clowar: The Physics of Motorcycles

Caden Cover: Duck Physics

Jeremy Dalrymple: neutron life cycle

Hunter Daniel: Physics of a Pink Floyd Concert

Kevin Davison: The Physics of Breathing Underwater

Andrew DeArmond: Physics of the Guitar

Javi De Leon: Javier De Leon: The Physics of Computer Keyboards

Stefano Fochesatto: The Physics of Michael Faraday

Brons Gerrish: The Physics of Climbing

Nic Gough: Physics of Bowhead Whales

Corey Gray: Physics of Cats

Adam Guerra: The Physics of Ground Radio Communications to Aircraft

Emily Guiney: John Harrison: How a Carpenter and Clockmaker Changed Navigation

Joseph Hedges: Magic Frisbee

Jason Herning: Physics of Rogue Planets

Ryan Horning: Snowmachines in the Mountains

Ryan Hoskins-Chaddon: The Physics of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Isabelle Jacobson: Space Debris Removal Systems

McKenna Kimball: The Physics of a Swing

Calipso Kocsis: Physics of SCUBA diving

Naomi Kroyer: The Physics of Volcanoes

Corvus Leavitt: Physics of Yo-Yos

Abigail Leigh: The Aurora

Adam Liland: Physics of Soccer

Chenyi Ling: Running Physics

Daniel Luna-Sanchez: The Physics of Tennis Courts

Sophia Macander: The Physics of Musical Instruments

Joshua MacEachern: Mjolnir the Hammer of Thor

J-Rod Maltos: Drone Physics

Riley Maranville: Physics Of Billiards

Matt McCoy: Wind Effects On Turbines

Gerald Montuya: Time and Tribulations

Victoria Nelson: Physics 211: Manhattan Project

Alisha OBrien:

Alex Ocana: The Physics of Antlions

Taylor Ondra: Physics of Dance

Jordan Osowski: Physics of Skydiving

Jonathan Parsons: Physics of Guns

Uziel Perez: Acoustic Guitar Harmonics

Matt Perry: Spaghetti Physics

Rose Peters: Rose Peters: Physics in Ceramics

Gabe Pier: Wave Particle Duality

Jonilee Polanco: Chien-Shiung Wu

Brentley Powell: Black Hole Physics

Juliana Rivera: How They Fly

Mason Rowe: The Physics of Explosions!

Tailon Russell: The Physics of Wall Running

Mac Sandstrom: Mac Sandstrom: Physics of Airports

Dan Schadt III: Physics of Sailing

Andrew Schok: Physics of Supernovae

Nathan Segler: Maglev Trains

Noah Snelson: The Physics of Curling

Anders Solmonson: Physics, From the Depths

McKade Sorensen: Quantum Computing

Richie Stickle III: Stick Physics

Kim Swedberg: The Physics of Guitars

Ben Talotta: The Physics of Frisbies

Taylor Templeton: Physics of String Instruments

Michael Tilly Jr.: Physics of Hockey

Jacob Torres: Cloud Chamber

Nicholas VanderHart: The Physics of Drag Racing

Katarina Vance: The Physics of Mass Movements

Cate Whiting: The Physics of Treehouses

Matthew Wilhelm: Fishy Physics

George Williams: Something About Bears