Fall 2003 Journal Club Schedule

Fridays at 3:45 in the Globe Room, Elvey Building (check the room on the abstracts below as some may be moved)

Note: Special lectures on the 8th and 9th of September (see abstracts for room and time)

Titles and abstracts tend to show up the week of the talk so check back if they are missing.



Name - Affiliation


Sept. 5

No Meeting this week

No Meeting this week

Sept 8 Sir Roger Penrose, Oxford University Is Quantum State Reduction an Objective Gravitational Effect? Some New Theory and Experiment (Special Physics Colloquium)
Sept 9 Sir Roger Penrose, Oxford University Science and the Mind (for a general audience)

Sept. 12.

John Olson, Geophysical Institute

Infrasound Associated with the 2002 Denali Fault Earthquake, Alaska (in pdf format)

Sept. 19

No speaker this week

No speaker this week

Sept. 26

Aimee W. Merkel, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Dynamical Analysis of Global Polar Mesospheric Cloud Measurements from the SNOE Spacecraft (in pdf format)

Oct. 3

Jeremy Nicoll, Technical Services Office - Alaska Satellite Facility

An Intuitive View of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processing (in pdf format)

Oct. 10

Scott Bailey, Geophysical Institute and Physics Dept.

Characteristics of Auroral Energy Deposition Discerned from Observations of Nitric Oxide in the Lower Thermosphere (in pdf format)

Oct.. 17 No speaker this week No speaker this week

Oct. 24

Martin Truffer, Geophysical Institute and Physics Dept.

Einstein and His Light Quanta (in pdf format)

Oct. 31

Bill Bristow, Geophysical Institute and EE Dept.

On the observed variability of the cross-polar-cap potential

Nov. 7

No speaker this week

No speaker this week

Nov 14

Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research Center

The Leonid Meteor Storms Observed from 39,000 ft (in pdf format)

Nov. 21

Justin Carstens, Physics Dept and Geophysical Institute

Satellite observations and model predictions of Rayleigh scattered UV radiance (in pdf format)

Nov. 28

No speaker this week

Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 5

Tom Baring, Vector Specialist, ARSC

Supercomputing is Readily Available at UAF but: Is It Right For Me? (in PDF format)

Dec. 12

no speaker

no speaker

Dec. 19

no speaker this week

no speaker





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