Spring 2003 Journal Club Schedule

Fridays at 3:45 in the Globe Room, Elvey Building (check the room on the abstracts below as some may be moved)



Name - Affiliation


Jan. 17

No Meeting this week

No Meeting this week

Jan. 24

C. A. Kletzing, University of Iowa

Shear Alfven Waves in the Laboratory and in Space (PDF version)

Jan. 31

Dan Swift, Geophysical Institute, UAF

Auroral Precipitation and Quasi-Trapped Electrons (PDF version)

Feb. 7

David Newman, Physics Dept GI, UAF

The Physics and Politics of ITER: The Path to Fusion Energy? (PDF version)

Feb. 14

No Speaker this week

No Speaker this week (sorry for the late notice)

Feb. 21

Ryan Woodard, Physics Dept, UAF

Climb Aboard the Power Law Bandwagon (PDF version)

Feb. 28

Irene Downes, Physics Dept, UAF

Thanks for the Memories!

March 7

no speaker

no speaker

March 14

M. F. Larsen, Department of Physics, Clemson University

Observations of instability layers in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere using rocket chemical tracers and lidars (PDF version)

March 21

No Speaker this week

Spring Break

March 28

No Speaker this week

Note however, Fernanda Tavares's Thesis Defense will be held at 3PM in Room 401 International Arctic Research Center

April 4



April 11



April 18

Debi-Lee Wilkinson, Geophysical Institute, UAF

Two Weeks on Mars
Lifestyles of the Mars Colonists
(PDF version)

April 25

Mark Conde, Geophysical Institute, UAF

The HEX Sounding Rocket Experiment (PDF version)

May 2

no speaker

no speaker


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