Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag
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Welcome to my web site!

A note to the Reader:

Hello my name is Erik,

This web site is dedicated to a Phys 645 web project on Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag.  I was originally interested in this subject when it was mentioned in lecture.  I did some searching on the web and found that it is quite a large area of research.  This web page is intended to give the reader an overview of this little known topic of research and to fulfill my class assignment.  Most of the materiel that I will be presenting in this assignment comes from research organizations such as NASA, Laurence Livermore and Caltech.  I have all of the links on the Bibliography page.  I strongly encourage anyone reading this to visit those websites as they are both informative and relevant to Physics.

To those who created the original research who might read this thank you very much for your hard work.  I really enjoyed reading your presentations, conclusions and theories.  Good job and keep at it!

I hope this is informative!


An Overview:

In this web project I will provide some

  • Motivation for the subject
  • Physics of Drag
  • Mention what computational models are being used to conduct research in this area
  • Present what solutions the experts have come up with

That said please click on the Motivation button