Tides in Channels and Closed Basins

Tidal Forces

Numerical model predictions of rotating amphidromic system with (a) no friction, (b) low friction, (c) high friction. (Adapted from Hendershott & Speranza, 1971. Deep-Sea Res ., 18 , 959-980 by M.S. Kearney, University of Maryland)

Amphidromic Systems in Long, Narrow Basins (S. Todd, College of the Atlantic)

  • Wave interference and reflection can produce multiple amphidromic points

  • Standing waves (seiche modes) may form in small, almost-closed basins

  • Resonance and amplification may occur if the natural frequency of the basin is close to the tidal frequency

The Bay of Fundy is an example of resonance between the natural and tidal frequencies, setting up a standing wave. Amplification produces tidal range of 15 m at the head of the bay.

Amphidromic points, cotidal and corange lines in the North Sea, (M. Tomczak, Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Science)

Tidal Components
Equilibrium Theory
Dynamic Theory
Amphidromic Systems
Tide Waves
Closed Basins & Channels
Arctic & Antarctic Tides


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