Cloud Physics

Cumulus and Cirrus CloudsClouds seem so simple from our perspective, just large masses of airborne water that take random shapes in the sky, occasionally dropping some of their water in various forms of precipitation on our heads. In reality, these beautiful feather pillows floating above us that cover 70% of the earth are majestically complicated, and their very specific shapes are determined by different physical processes in the atmosphere. There is actually a huge amount that we still don't understand about clouds and how they function, but significant progress has been made during the last century that has allowed us to uncover a lot of their inner workings. Whether they are hurling baseball-sized hailstones to the ground or frying radio towers with lightning strikes, clouds are always performing amazing feats of physics at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels.             Photo courtesy: Axel Rouvin     
This website will explain some of these processes
and how clouds work, based on current knowledge
in the fields of Meteorology and Physics.