Friction and the Road


Diagrams of Road Friction


Our Equipment


Experimental Procedure


Data and Results


What This Means


Tire Sledding!








  • We would like to thank Ian Strang for taking some great pictures with his really cool camera (except for the one with Marty cutting the tire and that was ALL Wendy) and giving us feedback about the aesthetic appearance of our website.
  • We would also like to thank the Nerd Herd for giving us every possible web design program, and most especially we would like to thank Caleb Sutton for helping us understand Dreamweaver. Without his help I think we would still be sitting in the Noyes Lab pulling our hair. Another big thank you goes out to Sevak Fair for keeping the Noyes Lab open real late for our use at sacrifice of his own personal time.
  • Sears generously gave us used batteries and tires as well as donating the use of their shop and three new tires to slide down the hill in.
  • We would like to thank Billy Edwards and Robert Riggle for helping us cut the tires. (Sorry, Billy, we didn't post those nude photos. We just didn't think that it would be appropriate on a strictly educational page.)
  • And last but not least, we would like to thank Professor Newman for providing us with this unique experience (we have finally decided, now that this is over, that it was a good thing). All those things that you didn't hear us say, we didn't really mean. Really.

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