Friction and the Road


Diagrams of Road Friction


Our Equipment


Experimental Procedure


Data and Results


What This Means


Tire Sledding!








We used seven different types of tires: one studded winter tire, one studdless winter car tire, one studless winter truck tire, one mud tire, one all season tire, one summer tire and one bald tire. We used 132lbs worth of useless Sears batteries. The box that we made weighed 16lbs after we added the wood onto the bottom. We used a saw to cut wood, a drill to attach and detach the tires, the Suburban to haul the wood, and the spring scale to weigh the wood as well as to measure the frictional force. Our rope, used to pull, was massless and frictionless (of course). We also utilized the following resources: Marty's Suburban and Ian Strang's beauteous camera and the photo lab at Fred Meyer's (they wouldn't put our pictures on a cd for us but we still let them develop them for us) and most of the computers in the UAF computer labs as well all of the scanners.