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  Remember those magical rainbow farts
The rainbows we see come from those (wink wink)
Unicorns don't always shoot straight up; they tend to go over things like a ravine.
Let's find out just how wide a ravine the unicorn can jump over.
We are going to use the same numbers additionally the angle that the unicorn shoots is ø= 45 degrees.

We use one of the Kinematic Equations again:
     x= x0+v(x)t                             
vx= v(u)cosø            
We are saying that x0 is 0 on our coordinate plane so
x= v(u)cosø*t         
= 3078.79*cos(45)*5   
= 10885.17 m     
The unicorn could jump over a 10885 meter ravine

We'll also see how high it goes during the jump:
y= y0+v(y)t-(1/2)gt^2      
vy= v(u)sinø           
v0 is also 0 on our coordinate system
y= v(u)sinø*t-(1/2)gt^2  
= 3078.79*sin(45)*5-.5*9.8*25     
= 10762.67 m   
As you can see, the height is smaller on the curved jump than the vertical jump

Courtney Cieplik
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