212 Web Projects Spring 2015

Note, All the projects/updates I have received to date (May 1 noon) are linked, check them.

Katie Aikens: Steller Nucleosynthesis

Caleb Alkire: Caleb Alkire: Explosive Potentials

Shawn Almario: Physics of Tennis

Elliott Anderson: The Physics of Hydropower

Mia Anderson: Physics of the Bicycle

Ange Atse: The Physics of Soccer

Thor Austin: The Physics of Roller Coasters

Levi Barsis: Physics of Space Blankets

Forrest Bauman: Black Holes

Nicholas Beeker: The Physics in Cars

Chris Bon: A Philosophical Investigation of Entropy

Gavin Borgeson: Supernova

Timothy Bouta: tim_bouta-ringresonancecurrent

Daniel Bozone: Physics of the Trumpet

Trace Braxling: Probability in Physics

Ian Brazier: Nikola Tesla

Alexander Brown: The Physics of Pitching

Mitchell Burgess: The Physics of Water Skiing

Khrisstian Burns-Shafer: Kepler-22b

Zachary Carey: The physics of space 2

Dylan Carpenter: Magnetic Levitating Superconductors

Kevin Chang: The Physics of Electrical Circuit

Nathan Chartier: Background and Physics of Hondas

Autumn Childers: Physics of Tsunamis

Logan Collins II: The Physics of Geysers

Tyler Compton: The Physics of Basketball

Gabriel Creasy: The Physics of Volcanoes

Derek Crenshaw: The Physics of Football

Benjamin Curtiss: Submarines

William Czyzewski: The Physics of Cars: The Science Behind the Steering Wheel

Kai Davids Schell: Dyson Spheres

Chase Delatush: Physics of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline's Heat Pipes

Ange Djahon: The Physics of Chastity

Joyce Dustin Demientieff: The Physics of the Aurora

Leah Droege: The Physics of Enhanced Oil Recovery

Franklyn Dunbar II: Tectonics and Isostacy

Andrew Eklund: Combined Cycle Power Plants

Ariel Ellison: Earthquakes and Subduction Zone Seismicity

Clif Enochs: Refrigerators: Hot Work For Cold Food

Diloola Erickson: Dog Mushing and Physics

Erin Falldorf: The Physics of Rock Climbing

Benjamin Fetterhoff: The Physics of Electric Motors

Laurin Fisher: Physics of Dolphins

Trenton Friend: Translational Momentum

Gabriel Fulton: Plate Tectonics

Wyatt Gaffigan: The physics of Black Holes

Saxon Girard: Wernher von Braun

Addis Gonzalez: The Physics of Archery

Lucas Goodman: The Physics of Parkour

Cutter Grahn: Eco-Fan: A Simple Explanation

Nora Gyswyt: Cat Meme Physics

Austin Head: The Physics of Doctor Who

Jason Hendrichs: Hydro Power

Michelle Hicks: Measuring the Universe

Bryce Hiles: Physics of Cheesecake

Shawn Hochhausen: The Physics of Golf

Casey Hoflich: Interdimensional Neutron Leakage!

Katrina Howe: The Physics of Automata

Mason Huffman: Wernher Von Braun

Jonah Jeffries: Wireless Energy Transmission: Mechanisms and Applications

Jesse Keller: The Science of Dirty Rooms

Peter Kelly: Physics and Nelson: The Battle of Trafalgar

Keyan Kincade: The Physics of Speakers

Brett Kirk: Physics of Balancing Ball on Finger

Jacob Klaameyer: Capacitive Sensing

Joe Knox V: Graphene: A Wonder Material

Sean Kordewick: Quantum Locking

Lindsey Kromrey: Thermal Expansion

Joshua Kunz: Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Adam Kurzbard: The Physics of Airplanes

Taylor Laiti: Blaise Pascal

Jeremy Lebert: The Physics of Volcanoes

Kelsey Lindahl: Kelsey Lindahl: The Physics of Tea

Justin Long: Europa, Physics, and UAF

Ryker Long: Physics of Golf Balls

Jonathan Lovell: Michio Kaku

Nicholas Lovett: Science of Ski Waxing

Nicholas Marcello: Batman Physics

Duff McEnteer: Michael Faraday

Joshua McNeal: The Physics of Electronic Submersible Pumps

Alexander Medeiros: Quantum Computing

Gavin Meggert: Bipedal Sprinting

George Meier: The Physics of Pharmacology

Zachary Milbradt: THe Physics of Roller Coasters

Robert Miller: Discovering Solar Sails

Dillon Mills: The Physics of the Polygraph

Brita Mjos: Geothermal Applications of Heat Exchangers

Nicholas Morgan: Hydro-Power

Carie Navio: Physics of Violin

Jonathan Newell: Nikola Tesla

Rafael Orozco: Age of the Earth

Christopher O'Shea: Electric Circuits and Electronic Components

Gunnar Ostman: Vacuum Tubes

Jackson Page: Nuclear Reactors

Anders Parrott: Laser Propulsion

Emanuel Plascencia: Physics of Woodwind Instruments

Michael Pritchard: John Wheeler

Keegan Rankin: Electrodynamic Tethers

Amir Raz: Europa and The Physics of Extraterrestrial Life

Stephen Ringle: The Physics of Machining

Sarah Riopelle: The Physics of Piano

David Rowland: The Physics of a Dovetail Log Cabin

Edward Russell: Throwing Knives

John Saldana: Physics of Gustav Kirchoff

Dylan Sanders: The Physics of Guitars

Kenley Scarlett: Physics of Airplanes

Kyle Scarlett: Physics of Kitties..

Jason Sebring: Brayton Cycle by Jason Sebring

Timothy Sherry: The Physics of Turbine Engines

Matti Silta: Physics of Avalanches

Jason Slats: The Life and Times of Richard Feynman

Tim Slauson: Introductory Boolean, Gate, and Transistor Logic

Mitchell Slife: Thermoelectric Effect

Brandon Sloan: Multiverse Theory

Coleman Smith: Physics of Roller Coasters

Matthew Tallman: The Physics Behind Superheroes

Christopher Thorp: Physics of Interplanetary Travel

Sage Tixier: Heat Pumps

Taylor Tompkins: Physics of archery

Dylan Tucker: Physics Engine

Christopher Turner: Physics of Maglev Trains

Liliane Ulukivaiola: physics of surfing

Aaron Van Der Male: Physics in Rally Racing

Adam Walters: Stephen Hawking

Rohan Weeden: Physics of Violin Playing

Adam Weis: The Physics of Speakers

Sarah Williamson: The Physics of Doctor Who

Vincent Yeboah: The Falling Down of the Walls of Jericho: The Physics Behind