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Restrictions on UAS's

Restrictions and Regulations of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Quadcopters fall under a category of aircraft that are given many names such as, UAV's, drones, UASs, unmanned vehicles and many more. Recently it has come to the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration that there were no restrictions governing the use of such small aircraft. As a result the FAA has imposed many regulations and restrictions on the use of quadcopters, UAV's and any other small controlled aircraft. The FAA plans developing a unmanned aerial vehicle pilot certification test  and has begun testing unmanned aerial systems at many locations, one being the University of Alaska Fairbanks in order for them to better understand how these new aerial vehicles will interact with the environment, people, and other aircraft in addition to discovering the safety concerns that come with them.

Some of the Restrictions Include:
  • The UAS must be flown below 400 feet
  • Must be within eye sight
  • Cannot be used for business related purposes