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History of Quadcopters


1920 - Oemichen No. 2
  • Had 4 rotors and 8 propellers all driven by one motor
  • Over 1000 Successful flights
  • First recorded FAI distance record of 360m in 1924 for a helicopter
  • Very Stable for the Time
  • Designed by Etienne Oemichen
  • US Air force Project

1956 - Convertawings Model A Quadcopter
  • Designed by Dr. George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome
  • One of the first quadcopters to use varying thrust of the four propellers in order to control roll, pitch, and yaw.
  • Was very hard for the pilot to fly because of the workload of trying to control the thrust of all four props at once.

1958 - Curtis Wright VZ-7
  • Designed by Curtis Wright company
  • US Army Project
  • Used variable thrust in the four propellers to control flight


Current Developments
  • In the past 10 years many small quadcopters have entered the market that include the DJI Phantom and Parrot AR Drone. This new breed of quadcopters are cheap, lightweight, and use advanced electronics to for flight control.