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12 Different Drone Applications

#1: Express Shipping and Delivery
Companies such as Amazon are currently attempting to utilize drones attached with your packages to provide a quick and easy delivery right to your doorstep.

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#2: Military Applications

The U.S. military uses drones for many purposes such as reconnaissance, decoys, and to launch missile strikes to take out their enemies with ease and prevent less casualty loss on our side.

#3: Surveying Unknown Territories
Drones are small and capable of getting into are areas too hard to access, or very harmful to humans. People have used this to their advantage to survey areas that are completely unknown with ease.

#4: Scientific Research
Drones can be used for scientific research purposes. A great example would be tracking animals, estimating animal populations, and surveil enforcement in conservation areas. 

Image Source: National Geographic

#5: Monitoring Crops
Drones can be used survey and inspect the farmland to see how well the crop is yielding during a season. Drones can also be used to disperse pesticides on the farm.

#6: Building Safety Inspections

Drone can inspect buildings to see if they're safe prior to anyone entering. They can also access areas that people cannot easily fit into.
#7: Photography and Motion Pictures
Drones can capture unique and spectacular images to catch more attention or likes on social media. Professional photographs can be given an edge to their businesses by utilizing drones with cameras attached to take unique images. The film industry can take aerial shots with a more ease, and a cheaper setup using drones.

#8: Fun, Recreation, and Hobbies
People can use these drones for fun, recreation, or as one of their hobbies. Drones can perform cool tricks and maneuvers. Drones are entertaining. You and a friend could race each other with drones.

Image Source: e.Republic

#9: Search & Rescue / Disaster Relief
People have used drones with thermal sensors to find people in search and rescue operations when they are trapped beneath masses of rubble. They can also be used to carry relief packages to those in need.

#10: Law enforcement
Drones can be used to keep track of a criminal escaping from the scene. Or to they may be used to check out the building before breaching.
#11: Security Surveillance
People can use drones to provide security feed, and patrol the parameter to spot unwanted intruders. Possibly, another use of drones could be to set off the alarm and alert the authorities.

#12: More Applications Coming Soon
The industry for drones is continuously growing. As the technology develops with better and advanced features, more applications can be found. For instance, maybe we can harness the power of the drones to assist installations and perform repairs on buildings. Drones could be used in extreme sports, such as a drone hunting sport seen in a Mountain Dew soda commercial. In the future, the use for drones are endless. The skies are the limit.

Image Source: Brite Productions

Jared Maltos
Physics 211 - F04
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fall 2018