Types of Volleyball
Velocity & Acceleration in Volleyball
Gravity & Work in Volleyball

Types of Volleyball
The Basics of Volleyball

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball were first played in the United States.  They are still very popular sports, seeing as volleyball has been an official sport of the Summer Olympic Games since 1964.  Walleyball was created in 1979 in the United States, but is not quite as popular as original volleyball.  Footvolley was created in Brazil in 1965, so that soccer players could still touch the ball despite the soccer ban of the time.  They resorted to playing soccer over a net instead. Footvolley has only started to gain popularity in the United States. Throwball  originated in Asia during the 1940's. It was originally a women's recreational sport, but it has expanded to both genders.


This is played indoors or outdoors with a larger court size, and is played with seven players. A player catches the ball and throws it back across the net. Only one touch is allowed and the ball cannot hit the net.

This is normally played on a sand court, and is usually played with two to six players. Players can not use their hands

This is played in a racquetball court and can be played with two to four players


Beach Volleyball:
This is played on sand outdoors, and can range from two to six players

Indoor Volleyball:
This is played inside on a court and can be played with three or more players