Thermodynamics Demonstrations

Microscopic vs Macroscopic

Microscopic Heat Analogy        Hula Hoop heat exchange        Heat Energy of Flying Lead       

Gas Law

Gas Law demonstrator        Gas Law at Constant Volume        Fire Syringe        Pressure Gauge        sdf       

Non-Ideal Gasses

Whirling Hygrometer        Heat Pipes       

Heat Engines

sdf        sdf        sdf        SterlingEngine        Thermoelectric Generator        Thermal Maget        Thermopile       

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity Bars        Heat Conduction Spokes        Ball and Ring        Ruchardt's Tube        Curly Rod        Trevelyan's rocker       

Fluid Dynamics

sdf        sdf        Archimedes Thermometer        Vortex        Torricelli Tower        Spinning Candles        Flying Shark        Magdeburg Hemispheres        Vortex Cannon        Cartesian Diver        Gieser Tube        Bernoulli Ball        Small Bernoulli's Tube        Large Bernoulli's Tube        Hammer Jar        Visible Vortex Ring        Mercury Hour Glass        SurfaceTensionVsPressure