Electromagnetism Demonstrations


Water Bending        Charge Lies on the Outside        Charge Induction Experiment        Leyden Jar        Pear Shaped Conductor        Kelvin water drop generator        Dueling Pith Balls        Van de Graaff        Static Spinwheel        Wimshurst Machine       

Electric Field and Potential

Field from plane        field from sphere        Field in a Capacitor        Faraday Cage        Field Inside Hollow Sphere        Millikan Oil Drop        ferrofluid     

Current and Resistance

resistance nails        water circuits        blow straw analogy        Variable power        Jacob's Ladder        Adjustable Spark Gap        

DC Circuits

Parallel Plate Capacitance        Rotary Variable Capacitors        Large Resistors        Parallel and Series bulbs       

Magnetic Field

Large Magnets        Tube of Iron Filings        magnetic Spring        


sdf        Jumping Ring        Can Crusher        Caste Iron Electromagnet        Jumping Wire        Mag field near a coil        Racing Rings        Falling Magnets        Number of Turns        Magnetic
              Force Accelerator        E/m       

Human Power

Hand Crank Generator        Hand crank generators        Watt Meter       

                                                Toroid and Solenoid        Telegraph Sounder          Solar Module         RC circuit        Aurora Borealis        Piezoelectricity        No-clip Current Meter          Gauss / Teslameter        Mystery Substances