Physics of Maglev Train

What's Maglev Train ?

Maglev is also known as a MAGnetic LEVitation high speed train. As it is named, magnetism is involved in the system of maglev. In the history, many scientists were interested in developing a high speed train with smooth and quiet operation. Maglev has been a idea to invent the high speed train with smooth and quiet operation since 1966. In 1966, the first practical Maglev system was published to us. It was a good idea and has been developing. It's already under development in Japan and Europe. Basic idea of Maglev in physics is simple. The electromagnets on the bottom of train repel the ferromagnet on the the track and the train is levitated. Also Maglev has the magnets on the side that prevents the train from moving side to side. People can control the distance of the air gap between the train and track by adjusting the current in the computer. Basically, we can say train is a magnet between opposing magnets with accurate system to keep it in the air without hitting any side. Thus the train can run with smooth and quiet operation and it's also safe from getting an accident..