Physics of Maglev Train

Maglev Train

 When you go outside, what is the most you can see while you walk on the street? What sound do you hear most of the time? The answer should be some unit of transportation. Transportation is one of the important necessities besides water, food, and shelter. Transportation is for people to move around the earth quickly and safely. It also helps people to move goods to different locations. A good example would be the exceedingly large free market system that has formed in our society today. Without modern modes of transportation, people wouldn't even be able to find different countries, nor wouldn't be able to move goods to a far location. Transportation has clearly changed history as well. There are various types of transportation in this day and age; the most common being cars, trains, airplanes, and ships. Each of these vehicles has its own long history, and continues to be developed. Because people are always wanting faster and safer vehicles, engineers have finally out done themselves with the Maglev Train.