The physics of two smaller systems in geothermal power

PV = nRT
This law is applied to the compressing stage in geothermal energy. When the water is pumped up, if the well isn't deep enough, the temperature is only 165 degrees Fahrenheit. In order for the water to properly heat the refrigerant, it must be raised to a higher temperature. Instead of trying to heat the water, it is sent through a compressor. As the pressure increases, the volume and the amount stay the same, so the temperature must rise. PV = nRT

Magnetic Induction
Self taken
Self Taken Photo. Chena Hot Springs Resort Geothermal Plant
As the steam from either the water or the refrigerant turns the turbine, the turbine is creating electricity. The electricity is creating by inducing a current in a wire by rotating it in a magnetic field. The system in the generator tries to resist the change of the spinning wire, so a current induced to oppose the motion. The steam can overpower the resistance though, and an electric current is produced. This is where the more useful form of energy is produced from the hot water from under the ground.

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