Orthodontics is the study of tooth movement.  This includes moving teeth within the jaw as well as alignment of teeth in reference to one another.  Orthodontics involves more than just tooth alignment however, it also includes the movement of teeth with respect to the jaw, tongue, palate and skeletal muscles.  There are many different procedures involved in orthodontics and each case is customized to  each individual patients needs.  Orthodontic treatment typically varies from 9 months to 36 months based on treatment needs and complications involved.

In order for an orthodontist to perform their duties they must have a keen eye and knowledge of the physics involved in moving teeth, including how they may respond to torque, pressure, pulling and overall impact of everyday use and how that will counteract the applied pressures that are needed for the desired results.  Listed above are links to give you access to knowledge of specific orthodontic procedures.  I hope this helps You!!

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