The Physics of Thought...

Created by Brian Speh for Physics F104X, Spring 2012 - University of Alaska Fairbanks


Hello! My name is Brian and I am a junior studying biological sciences with an emphasis on pre-medicine at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This website was specifically created to address a sequence of questions that I consider noteworthy, especially in the field of medicine...

Does free will exist? Is it possible that we have all been genetically "programmed" to react accordingly given a particular circumstance or situation? Is Quantum Mechanics controlling your thought process? Is it controlling mine? More notable, can this be proven? While many well noted physicists might scoff at the thought of this (no pun intended), the US military is currently developing an experiment to see if sixth sense exists, and if so, it will be utilized on the battlefield to enhance soldier's abilities to react before things even happen, keeping them one step of the enemy at all times.

Neuron firing

While many of these questions have boggled the greatest of minds, others have used these to create brilliant ideas that have changed the way the world works. It is thought that Galileo used these same process to figure out if a rock or feather would hit the ground first if dropped from an elevated platform. Even Einstein entertained the thought of chasing a beam of light, and with that Special Relativity was born. Could it be that the greatest notable find to modern science is on the brink of discovery? Perhaps it is, perhaps not. Either way, this website should keep you thinking for awhile... Or will it?