Piano Fun Facts
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  1. The piano has 88 keys but only 236 strings. This is because the bass notes only play one string, unlike the higher notes that play three strings.

2. Each string usually holds 160-200 pounds of pressure. A concert grand piano can easily be holding over 40,000 pounds of pressure.

3. The piano covers the full range of an orchestra. It can play the lowest note on a double-bassoon and the highest note on a piccolo.

4. A typical concert grand piano weighs over half a ton (454kgs).

5. The most expensive piano ever built, the Heintzman Crystal Piano, was first played at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, and it was played by Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who is the richest/highest paid pianist of all time. The piano was later auctioned to a private bidder for the record breaking price of $3.22 million.

6. The largest piano ever built was 1.4 tons in weight and 5.7 meters long.

7. To some, the piano is considered a percussion instrument. This is because the main production of sound is though hammers.

8. The repetition lever (number 19 in the schematic on Mechanisms page) is not present in upright pianos. This allows a note to be played when the key isn't fully reset after being depressed, making grand pianos faster than upright pianos.