Reaction Turbines

Reaction turbines work a little differently than impulse turbines. Rather than each blade being struck individually, the turbine is rotated by the flow of water over all of the blades.  Generally, these turbines are more useful in areas with low head and high flow such as in run of the river plants and tidal stream generators.


The runner on propeller turbines have three to six blades, all of which are constantly in contact with the water.  Pressure is constant in the pipe to maintain balance.  The angle of the blades can be varied depending on the need.  There are a number of propeller turbines to choose from.

  • Bulb Turbine

The generator and turbine are a single unit placed in the water stream.
  • Straflo

The outer edge of the turbine is directly connected to the generator
  • Tube Turbine

There is a straight line connection to the generator, by bending the pen-stock very near the runner.
  • Kaplan

The blades and wicket gates are adjustable, creating greater potential for operation variability