The Physics of Flight
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Newtonian Principle

Airflow vortex

Downwash of a
Example of downwash behind a plane

    In discussing the physics that act on a wing, many believe that it is just a view of Newton’s third law being applied, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    As the air passes of the wing, it creates something like an upward vortex of air, followed by a downwash of air caused by the air leaving the wing. As the upward force of the air on the wing causes lift, with the reactionary force being the downwash. This is an example of the conservation of momentum and Newton's 3rd law

    As to who which principle explains flight, Bernoulli's or Newton's principle, it is up for debate. But many think that both principles are correct to the explanation of lift and are just different views to the same problem.