Test Subject A:

Standard Chug


Trial 1-- 15 Seconds
Trial 2-- 13 Seconds
Trial 3-- 16 Seconds



Trial 1-- 6 Seconds
Trial 2-- 4 Seconds
Trial 3-- 5 Seconds

Test Subject B:


Trial 1-- 12 Seconds
Trial 2-- 11 Seconds
Trial 3-- 11 Seconds

Trail 1-- 3 Seconds
Trial 2-- 3 Seconds
Trail 3-- 4 Seconds


As these more than generous volunteers have proven, the "shotgunning" method can cut the intake time by more than half in the majority of cases. But there is a cap on just how quickly. Liquid can only flow so fast through the openings in the can. Without splitting the whole side open (which would get it everywhere but into the consumer) the time is limited.