The demand to provide power for space vehicles provided an excellent introduction for solar cells. As development and efficiency improves, the applications of solar cells continues to arise in a surprisingly diverse range of products. Shown below are a variety of solar cell applications.


Solar powered water pumps are operating throughout the world. Solar pumps are used for a variety of purposes from: village water supply, to irrigation, even powering decorative waterfalls or fountains for personal pools.  


Solar cells in calculators is an example of a small scale application. Solar cells have become an affordable, reliable energy source for for these low power devices. 



With the high cost of electricity, domestic use of solar power has become a rewarding long term investment. Development of solar panels has helped make them affordable to the general public for personal use.   



Solar panels have been able to provide a source of power in unlikely situations. This camel is equipped with a solar panel that is providing energy to refrigerate vaccinations for remote villages.



Isolated locations, such as lighthouses or marker buoys, benefit from a solar power source in these locations. This previously maned lighthouse is now powered by computer in a nearby community.


gps satellite

Solar panels have been successfully powering satellites in outer space for decades. The satellite shown is one of 27 earth orbiting satellites, used for a Global Positioning System (GPS). Each satellite orbits the entire globe twice a day. The GPS satellite moves with the speed of 7000 km/hour! The satellites are oriented to be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.


solar power plant

Large arrays of solar cells can collectively produce hundreds of megawatts of power, capable of generating enough electricity for entire towns. Solar power plants are clean abundant energy that is increasingly utilized throughout the globe. 


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