Japanese Dancing
This is an example of a very creative use of the unicycle. This little Japanese girl is extremely talented at dancing with a unicycle. I think it's fair to say that no one in Fairbanks has skills anywhere close to her. Similar videos can be viewed on

Riding and Turning
In this video I give an example of free mounting, riding, turning and dismounting.

This is a short clip of me demonstrating Idling.

Fake Falling
More for amusement than anything else, I demonstrate what a beginner might look like before they fall. (Don't worry, I don't actually fall. In order to do this in the dorm lounge, the RA said I couldn't fall.)

Robot Riding a Unicycle
This is a rare clip of a robot unicycling. Because there is nothing linear about riding a unicycle, it is very hard to make a model for it. A rider stabilizes themselves by many dynamic movements created by the rider's intelligence, flexibility, what they see, what they feel the unicycle doing, and how they react. There are many more things that rider's do in order to maintain stability that a robot cannot comprehend and that is why this robot is so amazing.

Free Styling (Kris Holm)
My Dad took Unicycling to a new level by pioneering the sport of Mountain Unicycling and now Kris Holm has taken it a step farther into what is now known as Free Styling.  This is a short clip of some of the amazing things Kris Holm can do with a unicycle.