The Dissymmetry

The Scientific American describes the CPT symmetry of matter and antimatter in the following way:

"The operation of changing particles with anti-particles is called Charge conjugation (C). Particles and anti-particles have the exact same mass and equal, but opposite charges and magnetic moments; if they are unstable, they have the same lifetime. This period is called the Charge Conjugation-Parity-Time (CPT) invariance, which establishes the fact that if you interchange particles for anti-particles (C), look in a three dimensional mirror (P) and reverse time (T), you cannot tell the difference between the them."


A recent experiment at FermiLab showed that a CPT imbalance between certain particles and antiparticles does exist. This imbalance is however, not large enough to explain the lack of antimatter and the survival of matter after the Big Bang.



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