It may seem as though there are no significant benefits to the inefficiencies of internal combustion engines. After all,
they waste fuel, resources and money; they pollute the environment and create potential health risks; and to some people, too much can go wrong with them to ever make them worth trying to understand.
I, however, will always stand by my love of the painstakingly choreographed dance that takes place within a
combustion engine; all the parts working in time to create a glorious, gas-guzzling, ozone depleting, peace disturbing chunk of steel, rubber, glass and aluminum that can go 0-60 in a matter of mere seconds. And I would like to hear anyone curse the inefficient heat loss of their engine when it is pumping 70 air into a -40 cab at 6 a.m. in the middle of Fairbanks' frigid winter.

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