Engines, Engines, and More Engines!
Presented by Eric Jensen and Collin Lichtenberger

    Engines are everywhere, in our society today we depends on engines everyday, to perform variety of different tasks, from our needs of transporation in trains and cars, to our blenders that prepare our food.  In this website you will find a detailed description of the sterling engine, which is a simple form of engine similar to the ones found in everyday life.
    Every engine works on the same basic concept: they take heat energy and turn it into work.  The stirling engine does precisely this.  A simple stirling engine has two pistons, in contact with a sealed resevoir of gas.  One piston is in contact with hot gas and the other with cooled gas.  The heat energy is put into the system by heating the gas on the hot side, work is done by the pistons, and the heat energy which has not been converted to work is expelled on the cooled side.  We will explore this process in greater detail further on.

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