Nuclear Fusion is HOT!

- The sun burns with a raging fury caused by nuclear fusion reactions. These reactions create heat so immense that they warm the Earth from 9.2x10^7 miles away. Scientists created a controlled reaction of nuclear fission, which is also known as splitting atoms. Even more astonishing, they were able to create a nuclear fusion reaction! And the velocity that these particles travel at is called the speed of light!


The Tokamak


Current nuclear fusion research is being conducted in chambers like this one to the right. Continue on to see more!


Nuclear Fusion in Stars


The idea of fusing atoms together came first from observing the sun; one of the first man to discover this phenomenon was Albert Einstein.


Sustainability of Nuclear Fusion


The sustainability of nuclear fusion requires so much energy and heat that it is very difficult for man to achieve.

Nuclear Fusion in Bombs-


Nuclear fusion was used in the United States military as early as the 1950s. The technology is a fascinating achievement from mankind.

File photo: Nuclear Bomb test, Nevada (Getty Creative Images)

Benefits of Nuclear Fusion-


Nuclear Fusion, although not yet attainable, will have a lot of benefits over that of current usable energy sources.