Carl Sagan's Legacy

By David Hooper
Physics 211X
    Picture of Carl
     Born on 1934 Carl Sagan was a predominant figure in the scientific community and as a spokesperson for the sciences. He was a leader in his field of research, astrophysics, but also respected for his work done in biology and the natural sciences. He was died in 1996 after a long battle with myelodysplasia. But his contribution to the sciences will live for ever.

    This website will highlight his non-academic career,  a career devoted the sciences. While  he became famous in the science community for his research, it was his ability to convey difficult ideas to the untrained public which made him world famous. He used this ability to make science exciting and accessible to people who were previously uninterested. This awakening of the public to science has been his greatest contribution to the sciences.

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