The Physics of Jimi Hendrix

String Tension

The tension in all six of the guitar strings are all different but are all maintained at constant weights. The top string is at around 10.8 kg, the second is 12 kg, the third is 11 kg, the fourth is 11.3 kg, the fifth is 8.1 kg, and the tension in the bottom string, the high e string is 7.5 kg.

In order to make a sound with the strings of a guitar, you must pluck them or strike them. In doing so you cause a force upon the string, which is in turn, turned into a force of vibration, which goes on to create a resonance frequency or the natural frequency at which the given string vibrates naturally to create what we hear as its sound. However the force applied must be less than the tension in the string or else the string would break.