So you're preparing for the zombie apocalypse. We all know it's coming - it's only a matter of when and where it begins. Well, I'm sure you can spend hours with your nose in books and browsing the internet for hints on what's to come, but what if you have no idea whether you're going to encounter a slowly lumbering zombie, or some wild, ravaging, rage driven maniac running twice as fast as a human should be able to? This variability will keep you guessing, so why not prepare yourself beforehand? I've looked into how to treat zombies when you have no idea what to expect - using physics!

My name is Kodiak Cullen, and this is my site on 'The physics of surviving the zombie apocalypse!'
Made for my Physics 211 class, to educate people on how physics can be applied to everyday life. Well, at least when zombies start to walk the streets...