Even those most experienced with the record player can sometimes have trouble. DJs and turntablists around the world are constantly trying to find ways to improve their abilities. Hard work, dedication and practice can only get you so far if your equipment is not functioning correctly. Certain difficulties are virtually impossible to remedy, such as spilling an adult beverage on your turntable during a show or putting out a pile of burning records, these types of problems should be written off as acts of God. However, other problems can be solved using simple physics. Thank God I took physics 211, where, oh where would I be without it?

Problem: When ever I touch the spinning record, to perform a scratch, it slows down.

Solution- The friction between the slip mat and the record is too high. The force of your hand on the record is being transferred into fictional force acting on the platter. Possible ways to fix this are:
A) You can reduce the friction by reducing the kinetic coefficient of friction between the slip mat and the platter. To do this you can place a layer of wax paper between the slip mat and the platter.
B) If you decrease the area of contact between the slip mat and the platter you will reduce the force of friction. To do this you simply cut away an inch or two from the edge of the slip mat.
C) If there is more inertia, it will take more frictional force to slow the platter. To increase the inertia you need to add more weight to the platter. The best place to add weight is the outer rim because the greater the distance the greater the increase in inertia. To add the weight, tape a row of quarters to the rim of the platter.

Problem: My needle skips when I try to perform a scratch.

Solution- The force holding the stylus to the record is not great enough. To correct this you can:

A) Add more downward force to the stylus. Just move the counter weight towards the center of the tone arm. If still more force is needed place a coin on top of the cartridge. DANGER! This will cause your records to wear out very quickly.
B) If you angle the stylus so that it hits the record at less then 90 degrees, the friction between the stylus and the record will increase making it more difficult for the stylus to jump out of the groove.

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