The Geomagnetic Field

What we know and what we don't know

Carla Tomsich

Web project for Physics 104 Spring 2004

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    How do we know that the magnetic field is real?


              What is space weather?                 


      Magnetic Anomalies


"...Slight Chance of Flipping      Magnetic Poles..."

   Why we need to worry about                    the magnetic shield


      USGS reports      Geomagnetic Storm in Effect... 


         Watch a model                               for a field reversal


        "...Earth loses its magnetism..." BBC NEWS December 31, 2003                  


                 The Aurora Borealis           and Australis Connection

   Variations in Declination

    the geodynamo     magnetism on a small scale                    the magnetosphere


Exploring the Geomagnetic Field

Variations in the Geomagnetic Field

The History of Geomagnetism

The Magnetosphere and Space Storms

A Model for a Field Reversal

The Auroras: A Heavenly Spectacle


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